Aloha from Pavaraga!

Pavaraga just opened several weeks ago but it is a cafe that is a must! With the many flavors and colors of the Hawaiian Islands, the coffee here does not disappoint.

Coffee Bar and Menu

I, along with my fellow bloggers from SDFBN, had the opportunity to sample some of their menu items, courtesy of owner Leo Pavaraga. Some of his menu items included the Kyoto North Kona, Ka’u, South Kona Rock, Kahiko, and some 80 year old mountain grown coffee! My favorite, however, has to be the True Chocolate Haupia Frappaccino. It’s a refreshing drink most enjoyable on a hot summer day. Pavagara has tea as well. The lukoy ice tea and the white oolong passion tea (aka Iron God of Mercy) are delicious and is another must have.

True Chocolate Haupia Frappaccino. Yummy!
True Chocolate Haupia Frappaccino. Yummy!

The ambiance of the cafe itself is cozy and very down to earth. You can feel the positive Hawaiian vibes from their beautiful photos of the islands and items displayed along the walls.


Fun Souvenir Items!
Fun Souvenir Items!

As an added bonus, we were served ham and tomato panninis with flavored funions! Chef Leo and his cafe offer the coffee experience that entails a roastmaster workshop on creating your own coffee. Leo enjoys teaching and sharing with others. He shared a little bit about the history of his company and it is evident that his love of coffee is unbound. The staff is friendly and welcoming.
If you’re in the Bonita area, be sure to visit the Pavaraga Cafe!

Chef Leo (right) with Pavaraga Barista
Javier and Chef Leo (right) 

Hours of Operation

Monday-Friday 10am-7pm

Sat-Sun 10am-5 pm

4250 Bonita Road

Bonita, CA 91902

Disclaimer: I received complimentary cafe services in exchange for coverage on this blog and other social media outlets. All opinions are my own.


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