The Red Carpet Rolls Out for Sci-fi Series Nobility

The C.A.S. Nobility
The C.A.S. Nobility

The new space dramedy series, Nobility, saw its world premiere last Saturday at Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo. I had the pleasure of getting the inside details, as well as  covering the red carpet. Stars from the series and the science fiction universe made an appearance in full force!

Described as a mash-up between the beloved Firefly and The Office, this  crowd-funded series tells the voyages of a rambunctious crew aboard the C.A.S. Nobility. Known as the juggernaut of all ships in the Confederate Alliance, the Nobility and its crew members are subjects of a documentary about how this particular ship operates.  As the audience finds out, the people aboard the Nobility are anything but noble. In fact, the tagline showcased by the trailer is, “These are not the heroes you’re looking for.” They are a ragtag bunch of misfits trying to get by, which is both engaging and endearing  to watch.

In an interview with the series producer, James Ganiere says, “The fortunate thing is we’ve got a phenomenal cast, everybody is recognizable, these are big stars especially in the sci-fi world. These are stars that sci-fi fans already know and love!”

When asked about how this series came to fruition, Ganiere states that “the project was actually crowd funded for over a two year period and then, of course, was  made over  a year. Partnering with events like this, Comikaze, is a huge platform for us.”

Ganiere touched upon media consumption today, and that (on-line) streaming is popular for a lot of people. Ganiere adds that, “Our fans don’t necessarily have cable TV anymore, they’re cord-cutting. All of them want to watch it on-demand. So that’s where we’re looking at and partnering up with. And of course, who doesn’t binge watch? I binge watch!”

I had the chance to see the screening and from the audience’s reaction, Nobility is on its way to becoming a cult classic hit. Just look how excited these sci-fi celebs are on the red carpet!

Actor Richard O'Bryan
Actor Richard O’Bryan
Actor Ryan T. Husk
Actor Ryan T. Husk
Wardrobe Artist Fe Baker
Director Carolin Von Petzholdt
The cast of Sun Devil and the Princess
Actor Paul Tirado
Actor Jared Van Doorn
Actress Taylor Hay
Actress Taylor Hay
Actors Carl and Kalvin Wolfenden
Actor Brett Stimely
Nobility’s Cas Anvar
Nobility's Adriene Wilkinson
Nobility’s Adriene Wilkinson
Nobility's Darren Jacobs
Nobility’s Darren Jacobs
Nobility’s James Kyson (Heroes)
Star Trek and Nobility’s Walter Koenig
The cast of Nobility (left to right; Koenig, Kyson, Wilkinson, Anvar, Jacobs)
James Kyson chatting it up with cast mate Cas Anvar
James Kyson chatting it up with cast mate Cas Anvar
Covering the Red Carpet!
Mikey Cruz, Media Journalist, covering the Red Carpet World Premiere of Nobility!

Be sure to check out the trailer below and enjoy the adventures and mishaps with the crew of Nobility!

Check out my live coverage here!


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