Go Inside…Outside Mullingar

Mullingar tells the story of Anthony and Rosemary, two 40-something neighbors who reside in a small town in rural Ireland. Both are clueless when it comes to love, but introvert Anthony (played by Manny Fernandes) and out-going Rosemary (played by Carla Harting) banter like a couple destined to be together.

Mullingar has much to enjoy. Before the production begins, the audience is treated to live Irish music. Audience participation gets everyone in a joyful mood.

As the play begins,  Ellen Crawford plays Aofie, Rosemary’s mother and Mike Genovese is Tony, Anthony’s father. Discussion of how their respective land and legacy is engaging. The theme of family is prevalent here, how hopes and dreams of parent to adult child is not so easily transferred or agreed upon. However, the scene in which Tony accepts and loves his son is touching.

The highlight of the play contains the fun and lively scenes between Anthony and Rosemary. The chemistry between these two is phenomenal, as they’re characters who are easily relatable. For people who’ve known one other all their lives, one questions whether Rosemary and Anthony will realize their true feelings for each other.

Finding happiness is no easy task. Determining what you want and what’s important to you is a journey. This is the human condition. Dreams and love are surely tested, but the struggle for a more realized relationship between two more different souls is worth the challenge.

Due to the popular demand, Outside Mullingar is now playing at the San Diego Repertory Theatre until February 21st. Powerful, intriguing, and full of life, Mullingar is definitely a must-see! For more info, check out sdrep.org or call 619.544.1000

See the behind the scenes here!

Disclaimer: I received complimentary tickets to attend the February  5th showing of Outside Mullingar in exchange for this blog and all other media outlets. All opinions are my own.


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