Comic-Con: An Amazement of Wonders


Even though I’ve attended San Diego Comic-Con International over the years (my first SDCC was in the early ‘90s), it continues to hold up. This year’s convention took place from July 20-24.  The fun moments had this year will definitely be etched in memories.

My first adventure began early Wednesday morning in my attempt to score tickets to the Star Trek Beyond Red Carpet World Premiere. This was my first line at SDCC 2016 with the sun and humidity in full force, and though I did not win tickets, I had a grand old time hanging out with friends old and new!


Later the same day was Preview Night! At the infamous Exhibit Hall, the usual booths were in effect including Warner Bros., Lionsgate, Square Enix, Toynami, AMC, Starz, DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, Image Comics, MTV, Nickelodeon, Fox, etc. I scored my usual swag such as bags, lanyards, poster tubes, and MTV’s blue folding chair!


After Preview Night, my crew and I headed out to season 2 of the Game of Bloggers event at Dragon’s Den adjacent to Petco Park. Hosted by Tony B. Kim of @crazy4comiccon, this event allowed bloggers to meet and network. I was fortunate enough to meet fellow bloggers that I’ve interacted on social media over the years.


Thursday was Day 1 of Comic-Con and parking underneath the convention center was heaven sent. However, the line to scan and enter into the convention was the longest ever! This year, SDCC had implemented a new system of entering and exiting the convention with the use of RFID technology. With our high tech badges, attendees were required to scan in or out. Once inside, I made for the Nickelodeon booth hoping to score an exclusive Legend of Korra statuette but to no avail. Though my next event would be more promising!


I had the opportunity to attend the Wired Cafe event located at the Omni Hotel. Wired Magazine hosted its annual party sponsored in part by HBO. The theme was that of Silicon Valley. The food and drinks were flowing from 11 in the morning till 7 at night! An excellent time was had as some celebrities made appearances like Grant Imahara of Mythbusters as well as Bobak Ferdowsi from NASA. The Hollywood Reporter featured Wired Cafe in its annual guide to Comic-Con parties. This was probably my favorite event outside SDCC and I look forward to going again next year! Check out my video!


The MTV Fandom Fest at Petco Park did not disappoint. This Fandom Awards show honored the best in social media and entertainment. The highlight was Kent Jones’ performance of his summer hit Don’t Mind. The cast of CW’s iZombie was there as well as Arrow’s Stephen Amell. Hosted by Teen Wolf’s Tyler Posey, this evening event included free food and drinks at the park!


In Day 2 of Comic-Con, my crew and I parked close to the convention center at the Hilton Bayfront! Getting there close to 10 am, I was easily able to stroll into Hall H (even though fans had spent the night waiting in line). Appearing in Hall H included the cast of the web series Conman, Fear the Walking Dead,  and it was my first time ever attending both The Walking Dead and the Game of Thrones panels. It was fantastic to say the least. I even got some cool swag from Game of Thrones! Thanks again, HBO!


After a few hours of television panels, I met up with my crew at Dick’s Last Resort. TruTV’s Impractical Jokers were there and providing White Castle sliders to the fans.

Next was Nerd HQ for a little rest and relaxation. We didn’t stay too long, we got our bearings and charged up our devices. Afterwards we walked through downtown and came across HBO’s Vice Principals School Bus! We boarded the bus and drove around downtown and helped promote HBO’s new series!


Days 3 and 4 of SDCC included visiting some outside events. I attended the Adult Swim on the Green, which had some carnival like activities. I also went and saw the FX promotional area featuring their new show Son of Zorn! Next, I went to ConHQ where they were giving away free blu-rays and posters. Then I did more walking of the exhibit hall inside the convention center and took some photos with Gonzo and Chewbacca the Wookie! Sidebar, I also enjoyed picking up some new pokemon characters out by the Embarcadero!


Overall, this year’s SDCC experience was another memorable one. Learning and relearning to navigate people and lines, attending panels, walking the exhibit floor always make for a good time. The takeaway for me is meeting people from all over. It’s always fun to make new friends and this year’s SDCC was no exception! I can’t wait for Comic-Con in 2017!

Did you go to SDCC this year? What were your favorite moments?


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